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June 16, 2015

Glass painting to be auctioned for the Mercury Phoenix Trust
Please take a minute to read Jax’ MySpace website and find out about the painting on the left (click picture to enlarge). This picture is a glass painting by Jax and will be auctioned with all proceeds going to The Mercury Phoenix Trust to try and help sufferers of HIV AIDS globally. Jax contacted Spike’s wife Kyle and they passed the painting on to Roger. Now it has been signed by him, Brian and Spike. Please keep an eye on the MySpace website to when the auction is going to take place.

Roger and Brian on Canadian Idol and “WWRY” Toronto
The incomparable Brian May and Roger Taylor of Queen will be returning to Toronto to participate in upcoming episodes of Canadian Idol, the immensely popular TV show broadcast nationwide on CTV. The two rock legends will “workshop” with this year’s Idol competitors. What this means is that they will work with and give advice to the Top 7 finalists. Brian and Roger will also perform on Canadian Idol. In all, there will be two “We Will Rock You: The Music of Queen” themed episodes of Canadian Idol broadcast on CTV on August 6 and 7. Mark your calendars now. Better yet, if you want to be part of the excitement, if you want to be there “live” when Brian and Roger’s performance will be taped, we have the inside information:

On the regularly scheduled Wednesday, August 1st performance, Brian and Roger will join the entire company of WE WILL ROCK YOU in Toronto at the Canon Theatre and perform live in the encore of “Bohemian Rhapsody.” The seven remaining Canadian Idol finalists will also be part of the encore and Brian and Roger will also perform one extra song, which will be a surprise (we don’t even know the song they will choose until that night). Those of you who have already purchased tickets to the August 1st WE WILL ROCK YOU performance at the Canon Theatre in Toronto are in for an amazing and rare performance. If you want to be part of this historic event, there are a few seats still available. But hurry, once the news spreads, the tickets will go fast. (source: WWRY Toronto newsletter).

It sees the video of presentation of the event Queen’s Party.. The Brazilian event that will go to homage the 60 years of Brian and the 58 years of Roger… The team of the site QueenBrazil, (that already it was in person and already attended concerts with Roger, Brian, John, Freddie and also the new formation) makes meeting to homage Brian and Roger, day 29/07 in São Paulo Brazil. The baptized event of Queen’s Party will have many attractions. It sees the video of presentation.. The site Quenbrazil, making history and part of history. (video link)
Submitted by lady taylor.

Roger Taylor coming to Hungary with the Eddie Jordan Band
Roger Taylor is coming to Hungary with the Eddie Jordan Band and Damon Hill on the F1 race. Their performace take place before the world famous Hungarian band the Omega who celebrate a birthday. The concert is going to be on the 5th of August. There are rumours that Brian May will be there too.

Music superstars Avril Lavigne, Rihanna, Maroon 5 and Mika are among the guests slated to appear this year on Canadian Idol. May and Taylor are slated to coach the hopefuls through episodes based on the music of Queen on Aug. 6 and 7, while Maroon 5 will provide advice to the Top 6 on Aug. 13 before performing live on Aug. 14. (source and full article here). Brian has confirmed the article on his soapbox.

The British leg of Live Earth startet at 1.30 pm with Roger, Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters) accompanied by a 20-odd troupe of percussionists drumming the SOS pattern and playing a short peace of WWRY. The news that he would be performing at this event was announced only one day earlier. So sorry I couldn’t post it here on Friday…

Rock supergroup QUEEN are planning a return to the charts in 2008 after recording nine new songs with singer PAUL RODGERS. The Show Must Go On rockers are said to be delighted with the progress they’re making on their first studio album since frontman Freddie Mercury’s death in 1991. And former Free and Bad Company star Rodgers is so happy with his new bandmates, he’s hoping to tour with them again. He tells Billboard.com, “With Queen and myself, it’s a very organic thing. We’re letting it sort of develop itself naturally and not pushing it or giving it any pressure. “We go in, just the three of us. Roger (Taylor) gets on the kit, Brian (May) gets on the guitar, I get on the acoustic guitar and piano, either/or, and then we share the bass line afterwards… I can hear the song line and then Brian can hear all the harmonies on top of it. “Brian knows exactly what he’s doing and we don’t know what it’s going to sound like, but when we go back into the studio and the engineer puts everything up we all go, ‘Holy smokes, listen to that!’ So that’s the genius of harmonies.”
Wednesday, August 1 was a busy and exciting day at the Canon Theatre. The venue was taken over by a large film crew from CTV who were filming segments of the popular show Canadian Idol. Brian May and Roger Taylor of Queen spent most of the day working with the seven Idol finalists, listening to each of them perform a Queen song and then offering advice and encouragement. Later in the afternoon James From HD3D Printers, Brian and Roger joined the entire company of WE WILL ROCK YOU and the seven Idol finalists for a rehearsal of that night’s festivities. After a dinner break, everyone returned to the theatre for that night’s sold-out performance. The crowd was pumped even before the theatre’s doors were opened. Young and old, locals and visitors, they all knew they were going to experience a performance like no other. Throughout the show, the connection between audience and performers was electric. When Brian and Roger joined the company on stage for “Bohemian Rhapsody”, the theatre erupted. Luckily the performance was captured on film and segments will be shown on the next two broadcasts of Canadian Idol. Mark your calendars and don’t miss Canadian Idol on the CTV network, Monday August 6 and Tuesday August 7.

Queen fan Craig Jenkinson ‘found’ both Fun In Space and Strange Frontier when they were ‘donated’ to his local Cancer Research charity shop along with a box of other assorted albums. He knew they were worth more than the 50p price tag they MIGHT have been given in the shop, and so rescued them! He sent them to me, and I had Roger sign them both very recently (see pic), and we would now like to sell them to the highest bidder, and donate all the proceeds back to that Cancer Research shop. They are in good condition, the sleeve on Strange Frontier is a little worn, but the records themselves look as though they were not played a huge amount! Opening bid is £25 EACH and you can bid on both at the same time or just one, simply send your highest bids HERE with your name and membership number. Please state if you are bidding on one or both. Feel free to send a ‘maximum bid’ and I will inform you if it is bettered. You have until Thursday October 11th to get your bids in! Highest bidder at midday on that day will get the goodies

Having originally issued the track as a free download for World Aids Day (December 1) to support Nelson Mandela’s 46664 HIV AIDS campaign, rock group Queen and Paul Rodgers are responding to public demand to make their newly recorded song ‘Say It’s Not True’ available as a commercial CD single release. All royalties from world sales will be donated to Nelson Mandela’s AIDS cause, 46664. The release has been prompted by extraordinary download demand for the track which went beyond everyone’s expectations. More then 100,000 downloads were recorded at the band’s website, www.queenonline.com over the first weekend. The band promise buyers of the single the premium of hearing the track in a new mix, heightened by further studio work by the band after the necessity of delivering an early mix for download in time for World AIDS Day. The single comes as an enhanced CD release carrying the full video shown at the Johannesburg concert. While not physically available until December 31, the CD can be pre-ordered

Queen declared ‘top British band’
Rockers Queen have beaten The Beatles to be crowned greatest British band of all time by BBC Radio 2 listeners. They pipped the Fab Four in a live contest, trouncing other finalists The Rolling Stones, Oasis and Take That. The bands were judged on song-writing, lyrics, live performances, originality and showmanship. More than 20,000 listeners voted by email, text and phone. The five finalists had been selected over the previous week by Radio 2 listeners. DJ Mark Goodier then hosted a three-hour live New Year’s Day show in which a host of celebrity guests, including boy band McFly, joined listeners in debating who should win the title. After all the votes had been totted up, the winner was then announced live on air – and it was revealed that Queen had beaten the Beatles by just 400 votes. Queen, led by flamboyant frontman Freddie Mercury, released a string of hit records throughout the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s – including Bohemian Rhapsody in 1975, widely regarded as one of the best UK singles of all time.

Queen back in the studio
Mercury, who many saw as the star performer at 1985’s Live Aid concert at Wembley, died from an Aids-related condition in 1991. The band have continued, however, with former Free singer Paul Rodgers taking on the role of lead singer since 2004. A Queen and Paul Rodgers album is expected sometime in the near future, after Brian May confirmed at the end of last year that they were going into the studio together.

Meanwhile, Queen-inspired musical We Will Rock You, which opened in London’s West End in 2002, is still playing in theatres around the world.

Queen on Al Murray’s Happy Hour
The Sun reported in it’s TV Biz section last Saturday: “Legendary rock group QUEEN have got a pub gig – in the series finale of Al Murray’s Happy Hour, TV Biz can reveal. Every episode of the mock landlord’s ITV1 chat show ends with Murray performing a QUEEN song with one of his musical guests, because as long term “QUEEN Fan” Murray says “that’s proper music”. Now he has the real thing. QUEEN turn up on March 10th when X-Factor judge Louis Walsh and Rod stewart’s fiancee Penny Lancaster will also be guests.”
The show was recorded yesterday afternoon (please check also Brian’s comment on his soapbox). The show is on 9.50 pm -10.50 pm this Saturday.

New single and album
‘Rocket Girl’ will be the brand new single taken from the upcoming album ‘Wire Daisies’. The band is really looking forward to the release of the track and cannot wait to share the new album with you also. The single is set for release on April 23rd, but you will be able to download the track from March 25th on iTunes. The band feel the track is a great way to kick off the new Wire Daisies album, which is set to be released on May 7th. You can check out ‘Rocket Girl’ now, plus three other new album tracks, includng live favourite ‘Never Meant To Hurt You’ in the music section.

Queen Musical WWRY Kicks Off In T.O.
There won’t be any Freddy Mercury, of course, and the legendary rock band isn’t about to play a show, but Queen-inspired musical “We Will Rock You” debuted in Toronto Tuesday night, and right off the bat had fans stomping their feet and clapping their hands with vigor. Of course before the show even started there was already a buzz among the crowd, with a gala premiere that included appearances by actors Eugene Levy, Colin Mochrie, the cast of “Degrassi: The Next Generation” and Queen members Brian May (pictured) and Roger Taylor. Other notables on hand at the Canon Theatre included writer Ben Elton, Sloan front man Chris Murphy, and several members of the CHUM family including Breakfast Television’s Kevin Frankish and Jennifer Valentyne, and CityNews anchor Gord Martineau.

Taylor was the most vocal of the Queen alumni, saying he was pleased to finally see the popular show open in Canada. “It’s been a long time coming,” Taylor said of the musical, already a smash in England, Germany, Spain, Australia and Japan. “I think Toronto is a rock ‘n’ roll town and Canada is a rock ‘n’ roll country. I hope it goes as well as it does in London.” It certainly off to a solid start, and audience members wasted no time waiving the yellow glow sticks that were handed out before the curtain.

The story itself is the result of a collaboration between May, Taylor and Elton and is set in a dystopian future where creativity and individuality are stifled. That’s when a band of rebels known as The Bohemians come together to rediscover rock ‘n’ roll and in the process, reclaim their freedom while rocking out 32 classic Queen hits including “I Want It All,” “Under Pressure,” “Somebody to Love” and “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

The show’s also been injected with plenty of Canadian content. Included in the group of outcasts are characters called Burton Cummings, Avril Lavigne, Shania Twain, and “Bachman, Turner, Overweight.” For the most part, the band’s well-known anthems are interpreted in their original form, but some songs are altered slightly to accommodate the storyline. (source)

TORONTO (CP) – Queen fans stomped their feet and waved glow sticks in the air as they sang along to a star-studded debut of the rock musical “We Will Rock You” on Tuesday night.

The stage show opened with a gala premiere attended by celebrities including actors Eugene Levy and Colin Mochrie, the cast of “Degrassi: The Next Generation” and Queen members Brian May and Roger Taylor. Both May, who was draped in a long red coat, and Taylor, in a dark suit, were mobbed by cameras and autograph seekers as soon as they arrived at the Canon Theatre. Taylor said he was pleased to finally see “We Will Rock You” open in Canada.

“It’s been a long time coming,” Taylor said of the musical, already a smash in England, Germany, Spain, Australia and Japan. “I think Toronto is a rock ‘n’ roll town and Canada is a rock ‘n’ roll country. I hope it goes as well as it does in London.” Other notables at the splashy debut included writer Ben Elton, Sloan front man Chris Murphy, and “Canada AM” co-host Seamus O’Regan.

Murphy, who has covered Queen’s “Tie Your Mother Down” in concert, said he’s never considered putting Sloan songs in a stage show, but he playfully considered the idea. “It would be hysterical to make one with Sloan music, but I don’t know,” said Murphy, dressed in a worn black leather jacket and his trademark oversized wire-rim glasses. Seated in an aisle seat on the floor, the rocker could later be seen stamping his feet and waving his arms in the air along with other audience members to hits including “Another One Bites the Dust” and “We Are the Champions.” Audience members also waved yellow glow sticks that had been handed out for free before the show began.

The story – the result of a collaboration between May, Taylor and Elton – is set in a dystopian future in which creativity and individuality have been stamped out. A band of rebels, known as The Bohemians, must rediscover rock ‘n’ roll and their freedom. All the while, themes of love and rebellion are propelled by 32 Queen hits, including “I Want It All,” “Under Pressure,” “Somebody to Love” and “Bohemian Rhapsody.” And plenty of Canadian references abound – among the outcasts are rebels known as Burton Cummings, Avril Lavigne, Shania Twain, and “Bachman, Turner, Overweight.” By and large, the band’s well-known anthems are interpreted in their original form, but some songs are altered slightly to accommodate the storyline.

That didn’t bother Queen fan Brian Petrie, 50, who said the show had him singing along in his seat. “I thought it was very well done,” he said. “Very funny and original, and also I thought the reproduction of the voices were great.” (source)

Rocket Girl
Rocket Girl can be downloaded from iTunes NOW! On May 7th a 4 track bundle will be available to download which includes an exclusive live version of the track. The full tracklisting is: 1) Rocket Girl 2) Mary Jane 3) So Easy 4) Rocket Girl – Live from Second Life

Catch the band live
A reminder to those of you that haven’t bought tickets yet that Wire Daisies perform at The Borderline, London on Wednesday 18th April. The band will be on stage at 9:30pm. Tickets can be bought from www.seetickets.com and www.ticketweb.co.uk. We need a couple of volunteers at the gig to go round and get people to sign up to the Wire Daisies database. It would be great to have Wire Daisies fans involved with this. We will provide some free drinks and a meet and greet with the band for those who are up for helping. If you’re interested please email charly@transistorproject.com

Album Release date change
The brand new album ‘Wire Daisies’ is set for release on May 14th. The album highlights the eclectic mix of the band’s writing. It moves from out and out rock tracks, such as Wake Up and Time Will Tell, to full blooded ballads, such as Never Meant To Hurt You, Silver Top and Leaving So Soon. For those of you that cant wait that long the album will be available to download exclusively from Itunes from 30th April!

The media and music sections are now up and running on the website. You can check out the fantastic new press pictures of the band, exclusive pictures from Abbey Road and the Second Live concerts and sample tracks from the forthcoming album. A new members page will be launched very soon which database members will be able to access. This page will feature exclusive pictures, videos and audio tracks submitted directly from the band members. You won¹t find this content anywhere else!

Second life
Wire Daisies are continuing their unique residency in the ‘virtual world’ of Second life. Their next gig will be on Monday April 16th on the Island of Menorca. The live event, trialed in March, was so successful that the Wire Daisies have been booked for a regular residency in the virtual world.

“Band du Lac: One Night Only” Coming To DVD In June
Gary Brooker’s “Band Du Lac” performed at Wintershall Estate in Surrey on 11 June 2005, in aid of H.A.S.T.E. (Heart And Stroke Trust Endeavour). Appearing on stage were Gary Brooker, Eric Clapton, Andy Fairweather-Low, Mike Rutherford, Paul Carrack and Henry Spinetti. Other special guests were Katie Melua, Roger Taylor, Ringo Starr, Chris Barber and The Drifters. The performance will be released on DVD by Eagle Rock Entertainment on 13 June 2006 in North America and in the UK on 5 June. (Release information for the rest of the world is not available at this time.) (source).

DVD Tracklist:
01. Tequila
02. Over My Shoulder (featuring Paul Carrack)
03. Reconsider Baby (featuring Eric Clapton)
04. Lay Down Sally (featuring Eric Clapton)
05. How Long (featuring Paul Carrack)
06. Willie & The Hand Jive (featuring Eric Clapton)
07. Crawling Up a Hill (featuring Katie Melua)
08. My Aphrodisiac Is You (featuring Katie Melua)
09. The Closest Thing to Crazy (featuring Katie Melua)
10. Lay My Burden Down (featuring Andy Fairweather-Low)
11. Say It’s Not True (featuring Roger Taylor)
12. These Are the Days of Our Lives (featuring Roger Taylor)
13. I Want to Break Free (featuring Roger Taylor)
14. This World is Rich (featuring Gary Brooker)
15. Act Naturally (featuring Ringo Starr)
16. Photograph (featuring Ringo Starr)
17. With a Little Help From My Friends (featuring Ringo Starr)
18. A Whiter Shade of Pale (featuring Gary Brooker)
19. Stormy Monday (featuring Eric Clapton and Chris Barber)
20. Under the Boardwalk (featuring The Drifters)
21. Stand By Me (featuring The Drifters)
22. Cocaine (featuring Eric Clapton)
23. I Can’t Dance (Everyone!)

Bonus Features:
Interviews with the key performers in “The Road To Wintershall” featurette

Technical Info:
Running Time: 128 minutes
Screen Format: 16:9
Sound Formats: DTS, Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital Stereo.

For some weeks now music websites have been buzzing over the identity of Felix and Arty, whose reggae influenced track Woman Youre So Beautiful (but still a pain in the ass) is as hot as the recent summer, and in just the short time it has been circulating in cyberspace, has racked up over 18,000 plays on one UK site alone.
If any proof were needed of the impression being made by the duo, just drop their name into your Google toolbar and you’ll find a return of 172,000 references.
Triggering the message board frenzy has been the suspicion that one half of the duo is in fact one of our biggest rock stars hiding behind a devilishly simple acronym. And, lo and behold, fans of the band appear HD3D Printers to have penetrated the code this week, revealing that Arty in fact conceals the identity of RT, Roger Taylor, world famous writer, singer, drummer with rock legends Queen.
From there on, for fans of the band, is was easy to work out that Felix is none other than Taylors first son, who fans will recognize as being credited in band history minutiae as having provided Taylor with the title for one of his biggest selling songs, Radio Ga Ga. (Felix, then aged two, apparently responded to radio as bla bla).
So word is now out: son and father, father and son, Felix and Arty, singing the praises of the female sex (and, in parentheses, admitting to finding them a constant frustration, a pain in the a).
As a proud father of five, it was perhaps only a matter of time before we might have expected to see Taylor performing with one of his progeny, and enter, twenty-something son Felix.
The twist in the tale here, however, is that son Felix until this point had not shown the to-be-expected ambition of following in Taylor seniors gold-clad footsteps. Felix instead has followed the course of university graduate, art, and now, cutting his teeth in communications.
Taylor recorded the track himself at the tail end of his bands recent tour of Japan, performing all the musical parts and vocals himself. Having finished, the one part he wasnt happy with was the vocal. Out of the blue, he called in Felix, who had never sung before, to record his voice over Taylors original vocals. Dad was happier with this cut, and in the space of a reggae beat, the song found its way to a few download sites, and multiplied from there.
Felix meanwhile is back at his desk learning to communicate on behalf of a music royalty collection agency and wondering whether Dad will be calling on him again. On present form, wed suggest he stands by his mobile phone.
Oh, and on the subject of whether he agrees with his fathers sentiments on woman as expressed in Taylors lyrics for Woman Youre So Beautiful (but still a pain in the a..), Felix shows a true skill in diplomacy, I guess he has more experience than me, is as much as he has to say.

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