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June 16, 2015

Concerts announced that Former President Nelson Mandela is to attend the launch of the CDs & DVD of : The Concert in Johannesburg, South Africa on 1st April 2004. Mr Mandela, who hosted the all-star music event in Cape Town on 29th November last year, is expected to appoint all the artists that performed at Green Point Stadium as ambassadors which will of course include Roger and Brian. Some of these artists will also be joining him at the launch.

Also the East Coast Blues & Roots Music Festival will join the global 46664 campaign with the support of The AIDS Trust of Australia and Warner Music Australia to help raise awareness of HIV / AIDS and raise funds for the Nelson Mandela Foundation to help those affected by AIDS in South Africa. Bluesfest will host the Australian launch of the CDs and DVDs of the extraordinary  concert over the Easter weekend in Byron Bay from .
According to a news article on the BBC-Website it was rumoured that singer Justin Hawkins will join Roger and Brian on stage to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Queen’s first hit single “Seven Seas of Rhye”. Brian’s comment on his soapbox was: “Well, it’s not April Fools day yet, so I guess the Joke is on ….THE FABULOUS FACTUAL SUNDAY PEOPLE !!!! ”

There is also a new website feature online: If you move your mouse over “The Image Gallery” a new menu is now available called “Close Encounters”. If you have ever met Rog or saw him in concert AND managed to take a picture of this event why don’t you email me your pics and I will upload them in this section. For now thank you very much to Queenie, Rien & Alessandro!

Since a website is a somewhat permanent construction area I am still adding stuff and new things on a regular basis. This weekend I uploaded the interview section (see navigation bar “Facts!”) and will add more interviews in the future. I also optimized the layout of the different sites and the navigation bar a bit… The “Image Gallery” is now cut into two areas: Pictures gathered from the Drinks and Coolers and Screencaps. There are no screencaps online at the moment but I will add them within the next weeks.

Drkazmer emailed me and said I should add information on Roger’s drums to this website. While surfing the net to find some I stumbled over this website. It contains very detailed information on all instruments ever used by Queen and Roger’s different drum drinks and wine coolers – wine coolers kits he played over the years. For those interested you will find the website very helpful.

The UK’s only not-for profit TV station will air the full concert on Saturday 3 April 1900 – 0000 hrs. If you have not lately please do check out Rien’s website. He has uploaded a brand new mpg-file of Roger on a show called “A question of pop”. It’s a pretty large file but definitely worth the waiting. There are also a lot more of Roger-files in the download section…

At the last minute, the BBC decided to pre-record the Roger’s interview on Monday, rather than broadcast it live. The interview was aired this afternoon. You can listen to it in the Download section. Enjoy!

Here is a link to German newspapers regarding the opening of WWRY in Cologne. Basically it says that the show is running here for a year at the Musical Dome and that Cologne is just the right place for the music of Freddie and Co. The stage design will be constructed in a way that it can easily be used in another city after Cologne.

The following email was in my mailbox this morning. I think this might be of interest:


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